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Cult Uprising

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With every passing generation, the morality of the world slips a little more. Long gone are the days of polite and courteous people. Strangers would just as soon hit you as look at you. Churches are emptier then ever. Crime is at an all time high and the police forces are so overwhelmed that they seem to have given up. Some of the police walk both sides of the line by taking bribes and looking the other way. All of this has lead to a huge surge of cults popping up all around. The general consensus is “one for all and all for us!” All sorts of people are joining them. Politicians are taking advantage of this and lining their pockets with bribes to help out some of the cults. They help out with everything from letting illegal aliens avoid capture to certain people not pay taxes. Cults from different cities are fighting each other to see who has the most power.

Do you think you can lead your followers to the Promised Land? Sign up and let’s find out.

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