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After you get your account set up and you changed your profile words and images to where you are happy with them, it is time to actually play the game. Go to the inventory page. Once there you will need to look in the upper right hand corner for the two tax adjustments. One will say Followers Amount To Pay and the other says Followers Not Paying Taxes. When you are starting off, it is best to set these to Followers Amount To Pay: 80% and Followers Not Paying Taxes: 20%. The lower one will stay at 20% for the rest of the round. The top one should change and can reach as high as 99%. The main thing to look for here is that all the happiness levels are still above 75%. Once they go below 75%, you will start losing people.
After you have your taxes all set the way you need them, go to the actions page. Here you will want to start recruiting followers. If you look on the lower part of this page (highlighted with the red arrow), you will a chart that breaks down exactly where you can find the best return of followers. Another thing before you start recruiting anyone is your Current Happiness Levels of Followers list (highlighted with the Yellow arrow). Here you will see if anyone is unhappy and to the point that some will leave you. If they are unhappy, the numbers will be listed in red.
Now, for example, if you were looking to recruit more followers and you wanted to get more Blue Collar workers then the others, you would check the chart and see that the Uptown Club is the place you want. Once you know where you want to recruit, click on the drop down box and select the Uptown Club, put in the # of credits you want to use to get them and hit the recruit button. If you are a member, the first day in which you purchased your membership, your Personal Magic Number will always be 200 for recruit and collect. If you are a non-member, the magic numbers will range between 200 and 350. Personal magic number will only work for the individual while regular magic will work for all players but give slightly less returns then the personals. When you use any number to recruit or collect, it will tell you if you are higher or lower and give you a hint as to how much you are off by.
*Note - Be careful when you read the higher or lower message, as it is the opposite of Mobfather.
Example. The Recruit Number you tried 200 is LOWER by 20 or MORE credits. *** That means the magic number is higher then what you entered.
If you see one of you happiness levels is in the red, go back to the inventory page. Look for the follower whose level is in the red and you will see a little box next to it. If you mouse over it, it will tell you what you need more of to get the level back up.
Politicians - You can get these in two ways. The first way is to stay online for a while. Every 15 minutes (0, 15, 30, 45) a politician will be handed out at random to an online player. The second is when you recruit for followers. You have a chance to get a politician to join you when you are recruiting. These politicians can help you in many ways. They will add a range from 1 to 10 on the Bonus it tells you after their name. See the picture below for an example. They will only stay with you for at max a day so take advantage of them while you have them. But if you do run out of credits, you can always get more politicians when your credits are replenished.
Private Investigators - You only need one at a time so don't spend the money to get an extra one. What you should do is put money into training the one you buy first. If your PI has a more agent points then the person you are attacking you have a greater chance of succeeding. Once you buy one on the buy items page, go back to the inventory's main page and look for your PI section. Put in the money you want to use to pay for his training and hit the train PI button.
Once you have your inventory all set the way you like it, you can start attacking. Go to the ranks page and look for anyone in your range that is in your city. Click on the person's name and it will bring up their profile page. Click on the attack tab to bring up the attack page. On that page you will have plenty of attack options. Chose the one you want to do and hit the attack player button.
You get up to 30 attacks an hour so you will get used to the attacks page. Each person can take in 3 attacks of each type within a certain time period depending on their membership status.

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